Delipop at the Tech For Retail exhibition in Paris

Delipop Universal Network, powered by the revolutionary Arctan solution from Retail Robotics, is present at the Tech For Retail exhibition which takes place in Paris Event Center.

Tech for Retail is a European event created to respond to the boom in e-grocery. It gives the opportunity to meet main players of technological innovations – such as Delipop – the first network of multi-brand and fully automated pick-up points. 

“Delipop uses unique technology to create the Universal Network of automated drive piétons. The technology focuses on consumer experience and increased courier effectiveness by 10-20 times. We plan to create a network of 1000 Delipops within 5 years that will be serving 200.000 orders per day. We do believe this will substantially increase profitability of retailers and will bring them closer to customers. And the positive impact on the environment and our cities will follow.” – says Stephane Legatelois, CEO of Delipop France.

“We believe that our technology solution will help Delipop build a strong Universal Network together with the best French retailers. For the profitability of e-grocery, convenience of consumers and for the well-being of our planet,” – says Ansi Arumeel, Deputy Managing Director at Retail Robotics.

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