Delipop network as an urban alternative to instant delivery

“The efficiency of aggregating orders, automating service and building out a network of multi-retailer locations results in lower fulfillment costs than traditional delivery and comparable pickup services” – thank you Jeff Wells for covering on Grocery Dive how Delipop’s convenient click-and-collect network and technology from Retail Robotics is changing the future of e-grocery and retail market. 

Beneath selected quotations as a teaser to the article:

“This aggregation of orders through regular runs is one part of the efficiency equation that Delipop is selling to retailers. Another is the robotics system, which can hold a large number of grocery orders in a relatively small space” – says Marek Piotrowski, CMO at Delipop & Partner at Retail Robotics. 

“The focus on wider selection, well-known retail brands and flexible pickup windows can win over urban-dwelling consumers just as well as — if not better than — speedy delivery firms,” – says Neil Lambert, CEO at Delipop UK.

“That storage capacity is significantly higher than traditional grocery collection lockers. (…) Our machine is like an ATM for retailers”, – adds Michal Mierzejewski, Chief Business Development Officer at Retail Robotics.

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