Delipop wins a silver medal at the Nuit de la Supply Chain

On December 18, 2023, DELIPOP, a pioneer in automated pick-up points for grocery products, was awarded at the 2023 Supply Chain Night organized by Républik Supply at the Mogador Theatre. The jury was composed of twenty supply chain and operations professionals who attended this prestigious event at the Mogador Theatre.

The company received the silver medal in the “Green” category, highlighting its exemplary commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This nomination showcases Delipop’s innovation in its distribution system, optimizing delivery routes and reducing unnecessary travel. By adopting this sustainable approach, Delipop actively contributes to CO2 reduction, affirming its leadership in environmentally conscious logistics.

This award attests to Delipop’s daily commitment to more sustainable e-commerce food logistics.

Delipop is not stopping there and invites you to stay tuned for upcoming challenges, exciting innovations, and more initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable logistics.

You can watch the full award ceremony at: