Delipop is revolutionizing urban grocery shopping with its pickup points

We are thrilled to announce that Delipop was recently featured in an article published by Le Point, a nationally renowned news magazine. The article highlights Delipop’s revolutionary approach to food distribution by showcasing our intuitive click-and-collect service and convenient pickup points, emphasizing our dedication to providing consumers with a simple and efficient delivery experience.

Le Point sheds light on how we are transforming grocery shopping by offering modern, adaptable pickup solutions that cater to customers’ current needs. Our method of optimizing logistics flows enables quick order pickups, ensuring a high-quality customer experience.

“Our fully autonomous solution, without on-site staff, allows us to offer highly competitive costs in line with economic models. We can handle 2 to 3 orders simultaneously to avoid waiting times during peak activity hours. Customers, with an average order amount of around 60 euros, enter the fully secured and robotic pickup point using a QR code. A few minutes later, they leave with their order in hand.” notes Stéphane Legatelois, founder of Delipop.

Recognition by a prestigious media outlet such as Le Point testifies to our strong position as a leading player in our industry. It confirms our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction and encourages us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of food distribution.

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