Why pedestrian drives may flourish again in downtown areas? Delipop featured in a Madyness article

Delipop, the network of pickup points for online shopping, was recently featured in an article by Maddyness. The article highlights Delipop’s innovative approach, which simplifies online shopping by enabling customers to pick up their orders at strategically located collection points.

Stéphane Legatelois, CEO and co-founder of Delipop, states, “Our ambition is simple: we aim to position ourselves as the universal pickup point for online shopping and provide the offerings of a large shopping center in 50 square meters right at your doorstep.”

Delipop stands out from traditional pedestrian drives thanks to its mutualized network, which brings together multiple retailers to share costs and offers customers a more convenient and accessible experience. The company uses automated lockers accessible 24/7 without on-site staff and offers additional services such as parcel pickup.

To succeed, Delipop aims to densify its network to make pickup points easily accessible to all urban customers. The company plans to open a hundred pickup points by the end of 2026, primarily in Paris and other major urban areas.

By offering an efficient and innovative solution for online shopping in the city, Delipop meets the needs of urban consumers while providing a cost-effective and practical alternative for partner retailers.

Read the full article on: https://www.maddyness.com/2024/01/29/pourquoi-les-drives-pietons-pourraient-ils-de-nouveau-fleurir-en-centre-ville/