Cora arrives at Delipop!

We are excited to announce a new partnership. Cora, a major retail brand, is joining our Delipop lockers at Avenue de Versailles, Lecourbe, Alesia, and Boulogne Silly for an even more convenient and accessible online shopping experience.

Now, you can shop online at Cora and choose to pick up your favorite products at one of our Delipop lockers located in Paris. This alliance adds a new dimension to the online shopping experience, combining quality, convenience, and ease. You can enjoy Cora’s wide range of products while benefiting from the convenience of our nearby accessible lockers.

This partnership expands Cora’s reach in the city while enhancing your online shopping experience. Save time by collecting your orders at Delipop lockers, available 24/7, and take advantage of Cora’s diverse offerings and attractive prices.

Try the experience now at : !