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At Delipop, we are much more than food pick-up points. We are pioneers of innovation, advocates of sustainability and creators of changes. If you are looking for a career that has a real impact on the cities of tomorrow, look no further.

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    Who are we?

    Delipop offers a revolutionary food shopping withdrawal solution thanks to automated and shared lockers in the heart of city centers. Our unique approach, focused on pooling food distribution stakeholders, radically transforms the way consumers shop and contributes to more sustainable logistics.

    Why join us?

    • Innovation: At Delipop, Innovation is in our DNA. You will have the opportunity to work on innovative solutions that meet the challenges of today’s urban food distribution.
    • Durability: We are proud of our commitment to the environment. By joining Delipop, you will be a key player in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating logistics that are more respectful of the planet.
    • Collaboration: Our model is based on collaboration with major retailers, e-commerce players and local merchants. You will work as a team, collaborating with various partners to achieve challenging milestones.
    • Expansion: We aspire to expand our network in Paris and across France, offering exciting and evolving career opportunities.

    Join our team!

    If you are passionate about innovation, sustainability, and want to contribute to the transformation of urban food distribution, Delipop is where you can bring your ambitions to reality.

    Apply now and be part of our dynamic team that pushes the boundaries of urban food distribution while building a more sustainable future.