The green
of the
last mile

Delipop launched the report “Sustainability in the last mile delivery of groceries on the example of Grand Paris”, that presents insights for the green transformation of French cities.


We are


Home deliveries and visiting faraway supermarkets are responsible for a lot of traffic. With Delipop we give our cities a break, supporting a green revolution. Our pick-up chain:

  • reduces the greenhouse gas emissions per order by 77% compared to the home delivery service and 92% compared to the hypermarket purchases,
  • reduces the traveled kilometers per order by 92,5% compared to the home delivery service and 98,5% compared to the hypermarket purchases,
  • saves more C02 emission than it is absorbed by all 500.000 trees in Paris,
  • gives you a possibility to pick up your shopping at a walking or biking distance,
  • supports cities in creating a green zone for their inhabitants.

City traffic


Less can be more. Fewer cars on the streets means more space for you while cycling or just taking a walk.

Delipop releases cities from excessive traffic of e-grocery home delivery and decreases the number of cars needed to deliver your grocery shopping! We make your city friendly for pedestrians and cyclists.



Our innovative pick-up technology fosters the green revolution. We happily reduce the ecological footprint of e-grocery delivery.

We need 10X fewer cars than home delivery to deliver the same amount of parcels. And you don’t need a car to do your grocery shopping in the best stores anymore.

Urban zone


We love cities, so we have invented self-service pick-up points which decrease the number of cars used for e-grocery delivery.

Lower traffic means more place for green zones for you and your fellow citizens. And with e-grocery pick-up points located close to you, we support the idea of a 15-min city, where everything you need is within the walking or biking distance.

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