Universal network boosts storage capacity

One of the biggest challenges for retail in the fast growing e-commerce market is how to boost the number of slots available quickly and how to optimize their usage. We’ve seen it happen especially in 2020, when the industry grew by 100% due to increased demand, yet we estimate it could have grown by 400% if it had the right infrastructure in place.

There are basically two major ways to increase the number of slots available for retailers:

1) Boosting slots numbers with new machines and robotic solutions: 

Arctan robotic solution, designed by Retail Robotics, has a capacity equivalent of 14 classic e-grocery cooled lockers or more. It means over 200 orders a day. Thanks to innovations and robotic solutions it also takes far less m2 to install compared to other machines on the market. So using these machines retailers can have at least 10x more efficiency, right from the start.

2) Boosting slots with universal network:

Even bigger shifts and optimization come out of using the Universal Network by retailers – like our Delipop. 

With this approach they all: 

  • get instant access to the whole existing infrastructure, systems and slots 
  • secure better access for their consumers in and outside the cities 
  • use the hub effect and lower cost of last mile delivery to their advantage 
  • can easily grow their e-grocery capacity with “delivery as a service”, so basically use OPEX small costs vs. large CAPEX investments 
  • will make sure the planet can breathe more easily as 10x less cars are needed in comparison to home delivery, which means less pollution and CO2 emission 

So, still knowing that the infrastructure was the biggest blocker for the growth of eGrocery, we now see that there are solutions on the market that address this issue well and are disrupting the whole industry.

Stay tuned as we have more news and an interesting invitation for you soon!