The key factors that shape e-grocery shopping

Delipop was created as a response to the boom in e-commerce, an answer for the needs of modern consumers who are looking for practical, quick solutions. 

How do we as an industry fit into the changing customers behaviour in e-grocery? Based on our own research, here are the top factors that had a huge impact on the way we are designing and launching the Delipop brand in France and the UK.

What do people really want when it comes down to e-grocery shopping? The obvious factors that customers said have a direct impact on their decisions are:

  • Proximity
  • Price 
  • Usability
  • Automation


No surprises here. The “not so obvious” factor that is not visible in these results but has a huge impact on the whole industry and operations is the minimum basket, so we can balance the delivery cost and profit. All retailers and industry players must take this into account while growing their businesses and developing the new business models.

At Delipop we aim at fulfilling and aiding all of the above. We also target same day delivery. We need the retailer to do the picking at the warehouse fast and if that’s achieved – after ordering your e-groceries in the morning, you can collect them in the evening.