Spotlight on Food E-commerce: S. Legatelois’s Interview in Dauvers Editions

“Uber Eats is not the solution to make food e-commerce profitable. It’s even a folly…”

Delipop, the leader in shared and automated click & collect, offers a more effective and profitable alternative for food e-commerce. In an interview conducted by Olivier Dauvers, Stéphane Legatelois, CEO of Delipop, highlights the current challenges of food e-commerce, including high delivery costs and the difficulty of industrializing the order preparation process.

To solve these issues, Delipop focuses on sharing pickup points and automating processes to reduce costs and make the service more accessible to customers. This strategy also helps improve the service’s profitability when volumes are adequate.

Unlike delivery platforms such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo, Delipop does not sacrifice the customer relationship for profitability. Using these platforms can lead to a loss of control over the customer experience and increased dependence, whereas Delipop offers a more sustainable approach by collaborating with well-known retailers such as Carrefour, Intermarché, and Monoprix.

Delipop currently operates 12 shared pickup points in Paris and Lille, providing a more convenient and affordable shopping experience for urban consumers. By focusing on innovative solutions for food e-commerce, Delipop positions itself as a viable and socially responsible alternative for the future of the industry.

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